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VDL-Virtual Dental Laboratory

VDL is a software package designed to obtain quantitative information on dental treatments through analysis of images obtained using tomographic techniques. The suite "Virtual Dental Laboratory" is available as a web-application. The users can upload their analysis data and treat them with the same software that is able to process thousands of real-time analysis taking advantage of the power of "cloud computing".


Analysis Software for endodontic treatment 

EndoLab is a tool that allows to evaluate the quality of endodontic treatment starting from μCT data. The software is able to detect the untreated surface areas and estimate the amount of dentine removed, the percentage of channel surface treated and changes of radical channel axis in 3D space. The analysis is carried out quantitatively by dividing the root canal in three sections starting from the apex to the crown or for every millimeter along the axis of the canal.


Analysis Software for conservative treatment

RestorativeLab allows to quantify the volume of voids caused by shrinkage of the filling material at the interface with the tooth, the appearance of internal cracks or other morphological changes of tooth structure.


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